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          As business grew, the Hiawatha had grown to become quite the popular spot for polka music. Tom & Lee were part of their own family polka band called The Bower Boys. From 1966-1986, The Bower Boys released multiple albums and performed weekly on the small, yet functional, Hiawatha stage. It's safe to say that polka music built the Hiawatha!

       In late 1966, brothers Tom & Lee Bower became more than just brothers; they became business partners. They set off an adventure with their wives Pearl & Arleen, bought the Hiawatha Bar for as little as $52,000 and started a family business that has been around for almost 60 years. 


          After a long 33 years of business and performing, and The Bower Boys unfortunately retiring, Tom &  Lee sold the Hiawatha to Lee's daughters, Teresa and Tammy, in 1999. The sisters had a blast running their family built business until Tammy bought out Teresa in 2013. It has since gone through dozens of changes and remodels and has become the Hiawatha you all know today!


In September 2015, we gave the building a new and fresh color!

bar painted.jpg
bar painted 2.jpg

In April 2016, we built our pavilion!

In September 2016-February 2017, we covered the outdated paneling and replaced it with pine!

In October 2019, we  closed off the waitress station and extended the bar into the dance hall!


In April 2020, we refinished the dance floor!


In October 2021, we repaved the parking lot and added a concrete patio for outdoor seating!

        In January 2024, Wisconsin had quite the cold front. With temperatures so low, the pipes froze and burst in the apartment above the bar and were gushing water below for nearly five hours. The damage was extensive and opened up quite the can of worms. We closed for nearly 7 months and had to build a whole new bar, replace the flooring, put in new equipment, etc. Stay tuned for pictures!

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